Don’t jump in the lake just yet!

Masking: As of March 21, masks will no longer be required, except for public transit, health care settings, long-term care homes and congregate care settings. Happy dance! RMT’s like myself will continue to conduct risks assessment (upon clients arrival) and continue to wear surgical/procedural masks until at least April 27, 2022

Following the lifting of mandates, some clients will wish to remain masked AND some will want their RMT to be masked. Given what we have been through, all very reasonable and human responses to the difficulties we’ve endured. 

Quick story, my daughters did an exchange to Taiwan a few years ago.  There, when folk felt a little off they donned a mask in public settings (e.g. like classrooms)and remained mindful until the feeling had passed.  Makes complete sense right?

The therapeutic relationship also remains a two-way street. Some RMTs may request that a client wear a mask long past the revocation of mandates.  


If a client screens positive during routine screening

The client is in pain

And the benefits of treatment outweigh the risk

Risk assessment, careful communication, non-judgement and professional judgment and  will continue to guide RMTs’ decisions on treatment and use of personal protective equipment. Protection of the public is our primary aim.

It’s like we’ve been through a long, long winter and the thaw is here, but we are not going drop our drawers and jump in the lake just yet (well, some of may), LOL!!!  And I don’t blame them. BUT we still need to exercise good judgment. 

E.g. if you are feeling under the weather, but still in pain, maybe a phone consult about some home care (e.g. use of heat or ice and a mini exercise protocol)  is just what is needed at the moment then booking an in-office visit next week would be wisest. Makes complete sense right?

It has been a privilege to serve you all during these past few years. And I am grateful for the more than a decade I have been in practice here at the Princess Street Professional Building.  I have learned so much from all my clients, been through much myself and have experienced many reciprocal moments with clients and other providers alike.  

Coming out of this pandemic, the need for adventure and safe spaces has never been greater. I hope to help you all in all those spaces now and into the future.  

From the bottom of my heart, warm regards.

Simon Steele 

Plus Ultra!