Personal Training

Working with a Personal Trainer is all about “booking the time”, setting goals and having fun while staying accountable.  

If you have

chronic stress, inactivity, posture, high blood pressure, weight gain, metabolic disorders, sleep issues or to maintain fitness goals

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personal training

Working with a CSEP-trained Personal Trainer, using prescribed exercise, one-on-one, or with friends, will motivate you to work harder and keep you accountable while reaching for those goals that are important to you.


before your session

Before a session, your trainer will propose a personalized training plan based on an initial fitness assessment. Your fitness assessment consists of various tests to determine the condition of your muscles and joints, body composition, flexibility and more. 

During your session

After your assessment, your trainer will start you with basic and generic exercises to allow you to warm up. Then based on yours goals and focus groups, your trainer will then work with you on more focused exercises in order to meet your goals. Your trainer will also discuss the number of sessions you may require and also gradually add more motions. 


During your initial fitness assessment, you will highlight your goals and through the treatment plan prescribed by your personal training, you will work toward them. You will require more than one personal training session to provide the results you require. 


The personal training is meant for anyone wanting accountability and a path to reach optimal health, fitness, and/or weight loss goals. 

The personal training is meant for anyone wanting accountability and a path to reach optimal health, fitness, and/or weight loss goals. 

A referral from your family physician is not required. If you are healthy or are an individual with a stable health condition and able to exercise independently, you can  book your appointment right away!

And by all means informing your doctor is a positive move forming a team with your best interests in mind.

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