Remedial and Therapeutic Exercise

Sometimes it’s not advisable (or desirable) to exercise. But pain and physical restriction limiting daily activities indicate it. This is where a remedial and therapeutic exercise prescription will benefit you most.  

If you have

Persistent or recurring pain. Feel stiff or sore all the time. Would like to exercise but it's been a while.

Remedial and Therapeutic Exercise


remedial and therapeutic exercise

Remedial and therapeutic exercise prescriptions are low intensity movements, convenient and advised to be used within an individuals tolerance. Using our best discretion, progression or varying the prescription over time is a simple, non-invasive and non-toxic way to reduce pain and physical restrictions enabling you to get back to the things you like doing.



We will be going for positive outcomes here. Reduced pain, improved range of motion etc. In other words “are you feeling better, stronger, (add your goal) about how you move today?”

Probably not the treatment for you if:

You have an unstable health condition and/or are unable to exercise independently.


Yes, safe when properly prescribed. The loads associated with this form of exercise do not approach those used in other forms of exercises and weight lifting.

Lighter loads, improved coordination with movement, compliance and progression are key descriptions.

Symptom irritability (shoulder pain may increase) can occur. This will usually fade once an exercise set has been completed. Over time it is expected that pain, stiffness and range of motion will improve significantly.

When a remedial exercise is properly prescribed and adhered to, results follow.

Improvements in areas like quality of daily activities, pain, endurance and confidence are expected and emerge within a week and over the course of weeks.

Yes. Remedial and therapeutic exercise is within the Massage Therapy scope of practice, performed and billed as such. It may be incorporated in an appointment that also uses hands on massage therapy techniques or as a stand alone consult.

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A great addition to treatment plans where indicated.


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