The importance of safe spaces.

We have all been through a lot.  Whether it be related to the pandemic, its sequelae (e.g. loss of a family member, loss of income, loss of social connection) or a broader comment on social change (e.g. the drive for a more egalitarian culture), chronic stress comes as part and parcel of that change. 

Unfortunately, persistent stress isn’t going away. Which is why, more than ever, we need safe places and safe practises to care for us between persistent exposure to an ever changing and competitive free market, rising prices and stress hormones like cortisol. A much better understanding of the causal link between these experiences and non-communicable diseases (NCD’s) like  arthritis, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and mental illness are now known. We need to beware.

Fortunately, we also now have a great understanding of how to downregulate the stress response, diminish its impact and even prevent the emergence of NCD’s altogether, for as long as humanly possible. Cue the happy dance! << also a solution.

In addition to its long history of use in humanity, Massage Therapy has had an over 100 year history of regulation in Ontario. Regulation protects the public and establishes the foundation for safe spaces and practises in the non-invasive and non-toxic treatment of experiences like pain. And one the most powerful side effects of Massage and Massage Therapy… in my opinion… is the “relaxation response.” This response is hard wired and can be used to down-regulate its polar opposite “fight or flight” reactions.

Safe spaces.. safe, non-invasive, non-toxic practises… down-regulate the stress response that contributes to the formation of NCD’s and we have a formula for less pain, enhanced sense of well-being and resilience.  Sounds like a winning plan in this present day and age to me!  

Plus Ultra!


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